Site Visit Process

The site visit is the most complex aspect of the accreditation process. It is also the most visible function of the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC).

Site visitation teams usually have two members (depending on the type of visit and the number of programs reviewed), one of whom may be (and sometimes must be) a physician. Site Visitors are objective observers and gatherers of the “facts” that are reported back to the CoARC Referee as a part of the ongoing process of accreditation and reaccreditation.

Typically during the first day of the visit, site visitors interact with all of the communities of interest, the faculty, and, when appropriate, inspect program facilities and/or the learning management system.

Through this process, the CoARC ensures that each program’s documentation supports the analysis and action plans related to its resources and outcomes. Further, the visit offers an opportunity for consultation and to document the degree to which the program meets the Standards.

Before the Site Visit

Prior to your site visit, the Referee assigned to that program (a Referee is a member of the CoARC Board assigned to a program to review and assist with a program’s accreditation process) will communicate with you and the program regarding specific concerns or requests regarding the data submitted by the program in their self-study report, annual report, or progress report.

Six weeks prior to the site visit, the program must upload the List of Evidence to a link provided by the Executive Office. The Site Visit Team will review the Program’s Self Study, the Referee’s Analysis of the Self Study, and the List of Evidence prior to the site visit.  The Team Captain of the site visit team is also available to answer any questions about the evidence to be provided and the site visit process.

Site Visit Cancellation Policy 

In-Person or Hybrid Base CSSR SV Agenda Template 

                      Virtual Continuing DA Site Visit Agenda Template

                                     Site Visit Date Request – Continuing

Site Visit Agenda – RRT with DA Option

Site Visit Agenda – Consortium

In-Person or Hybrid Base PSSR SV Agenda Template 

Site Visit Date Request – Provisional 

 Virtual Provisional DA Site Visit Agenda Template 

During the Site Visit

At the beginning of your site visit, both program personnel and representatives of the administration will be clearly informed about the purposes, function, and mechanics of the site evaluation and its relationship to the accreditation processes of the CoARC.

During the site visit, the Site Visit Team will endeavor to gather program information relative to the Standards and to address any questions or concerns from the Referee. This information can be obtained from: 1) List of Evidence provided prior to the site visit, inspection of the facilities and/or the learning management system, etc., 2) interviews of faculty, students, and graduates, 3) discussions with the Administration, Dean, Program Director, Director of Clinical Education, Medical Director, Clinical Instructors, and the Advisory Committee.

After the Site Visit team has completed their report, they will arrange to meet with the Program Director and Director of Clinical Education to confirm their data and to discuss their conclusions. The team will also provide informal ideas and suggestions to help the program personnel address any shortcomings in their program. Team members will then provide program personnel and administration officials with an objective oral review of the findings of the team during the site visit evaluation.

After the Site Visit

Following your site visit, the site visit team will submit an electronic “Site Visit Review Report (SVRR)” to the Executive Office. The Executive Office will then forward the report to the program referee who will review the report, complete the Referee’s Analysis of the SVRR and make recommendations to the CoARC Board. Prior to Board action, the program is given an opportunity to respond to any factual errors.

Following the site visit, the Executive Office will provide a copy of the report and request that the program complete the Program Site Visit Questionnaire (PSQ) below.

Program Site Visit Questionnaire (PSQ)
To be completed by Program Director and Dean following site visit

Questions about the site visit process should be sent to the Bonnie Marrs, Senior Accreditation Specialist at (817) 283-2835 ext 102 or by email at

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