Programmatic Outcomes Data

The intent of the reporting is that comparable information be readily available to the public. If the program has a web page, the information below must be included on the program’s web page, or a reference to the location of that information must be included on the web page.

This policy strengthens the ability of programs and CoARC to fulfill mutual obligations to inform, educate, and to enhance the level of public confidence in higher education institutions in the process of accreditation. Its goals are to:

  1. Make a meaningful contribution to the body of information available to consumers of higher education services;
  2. Provide institutions with a way to communicate with the public regarding accreditation; and
  3. Enhance public understanding of accreditation and confidence in higher education.

CoARC has completed the verification of the Outcomes data from the 2020 Annual Report of Current Status (RCS). This data is self-reported by respiratory care programs to CoARC and reflects the aggregate data for the three-year time period being reported.
*All non-public information generated or received by the CoARC that relates to a program’s accreditation status (including but not limited to accreditation letters, survey reports, and progress reports) is confidential and will not be released unless authorized by the program or required by law.

Outcomes data* from 2023 CoARC Annual Report of Current Status (RCS).

Interactive map of Outcomes Data* from 2023 CoARC Annual Report of Current Status (RCS).

* Based on 2023 Annual Report of Current Status (RCS) data accepted by CoARC.

Questions about programmatic outcomes data should be sent to the Chief Executive Officer at

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