Progress Reports

CoARC stands ready to assist the program in identifying deficiencies and implementing action plans to remediate any deficiencies. The nature of the remediation is related to the deficiencies in meeting the Standards and program outcome thresholds. The Commission may change an accreditation status based on the program’s ability to remediate deficiencies in a timely manner.

What is a Progress Report?

A progress report is a written report that the CoARC requires a program to file to demonstrate that the program has addressed deficiencies specified in a decision letter from the CoARC.

What is the purpose of a Progress Report?

The purpose of the progress report is to give the program the opportunity to provide additional documentation in order to come into full compliance with the Standards. This has the advantage of sending a positive message to the program, the program administration, the communities of interest, and students.

Why does a program submit a Progress Report?

At the written request of CoARC, a program will be required to submit documentation addressing any Standard not met (i.e. citation) as a progress report. The decision to request a progress report is made by the Program Referee or Board after review of the recommendation(s) and other documents associated with the accreditation review process. The progress report must be submitted within the specified period of time addressing the Standard(s) with which the program has been found to be in non-compliance. The Progress report will constitute the basis for Commission action. If the program does not demonstrate compliance with the Standards within the specified time frame stated on the progress report, the Commission may either request an additional progress report or confer a Probationary Accreditation status.

What types of Progress Reports are there?

REMINDER: Completed progress reports must be submitted electronically to the Executive Office (

The type of progress report a program is required to complete will be stated in the program action letter sent to the program by CoARC.

There are three types of progress reports:

(1) A progress report requesting a specific, detailed response that addresses deficiencies outlined in the CoARC program action letter received by the program (these are typically associated with one or more deficiencies related to the Standards).

(2) A Standardized Progress Report requesting a specific, detailed response to deficiencies in one or more of the following outcomes related specifically to Standard 3.07 (Outcomes):

Progress Report Forms have been revised.

Detailed Action Plan Form (updated 1/21)

Standardized Progress Report Form


(3) A Progress Report Update requesting an update on an existing action plan to address deficiencies in one or more of the following outcomes related specifically to Standard 3.07 (Outcomes):

Progress Report Update Form


Please Note: The RRT Credentialing Success progress report below is a resource for programs to continue using should you choose to do so.


Self-Review Plan for RRT Credentialing Success (rev 7/15)

Questions concerning progress reports should be addressed to Shelley Christensen at (817) 283-2835 ext. 106 or

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