Resource Assessment (RAM & Surveys)

CoARC Policy 3.015 – Resource assessment must be performed annually using the CoARC’s Student and Program Personnel Resource Assessment surveys ( Resource Assessment data from any portion of the program with a separate ID number (base and program options must be derived separately, using evaluation instruments that are appropriately modified (e.g., DA Resource Assessment Surveys), or specially developed for this purpose. Programs and program options must maintain ongoing resource assessment documentation including purpose, measurement system, dates of measurement, results, and analysis, action plans, and follow-up. Each resource must be assessed using a minimum of two evaluation instruments

Resource Assessment Matrix (RAM)

The Resource Assessment Matrix (RAM) can be accessed by logging into the annual reporting tool (RCS). Use the links below to access, edit, print a copy or view a sample of the RAM.

RAM (Annual Reporting Tool) 

RAM (sample) 

Resource Assessment Surveys –
Entry Into Respiratory Care Professional Practice/Degree Advancement

(both surveys to be used when completing the RAM)

Programs are encouraged to adapt the survey templates below for use with third-party web-based survey software.

Entry Student-Program Resource Survey 

DA Student-Program Resource Survey

Administered ANNUALLY to all currently enrolled students at the end of each academic year of the program.

Entry Personnel-Program Resource Survey 

DA Personnel-Program Resource Survey

Administered ANNUALLY at the program advisory Board meeting. This survey instrument is completed by program faculty, the Medical Director, and Advisory Board Members.

For additional information about conducting resource assessment, please review the Frequently Asked Questions document.

CoARC Standard DA2.14 –

The program must, at least annually, use the CoARC Resource Assessment Surveys to assess the resources described in Standard DA2.1. The survey data must be documented using the CoARC Resource Assessment Matrix (RAM). The results of resource assessment must be the basis for ongoing planning and appropriate change in program resources; any deficiency identified requires the development of an action plan, documentation of its implementation, and evaluation of its effectiveness as measured by ongoing resource assessment.

Questions about Resource Assessment should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer at

Graduate and Employer Surveys can be found HERE.

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