Mission Statement

The mission of the CoARC is to ensure that high quality educational programs prepare graduates to be competent respiratory therapists with proficiency in practice, education, research, and service. 


The CoARC accredits Entry into Professional Practice respiratory care programs at the Associate, Baccalaureate, and Master’s degree levels, as well as post-professional Degree Advancement respiratory care programs at the Baccalaureate and Master’s degree levels and Advanced Practice respiratory care programs at the graduate level. The CoARC also accredits certificate programs that train sleep disorders specialists offered by any of its accredited respiratory care programs. CoARC accreditation is limited to programs physically located in the United States and its territories. (2020)


Protects consumers, advances and enhances the profession, and protects against compromise of educational quality.


Professionalism – CoARC operates with integrity and honesty.

Service – CoARC is supportive of and responsive to the needs of its communities of interest.

Collaborative Leadership – CoARC objectives are determined after collegial and meaningful dialogue with its communities of interest.

Integrity – CoARC is committed to consistency and fairness in its decision-making processes.

Accountability – CoARC works with all its communities of interest to ensure that its goals and processes are current and applicable to all aspects of the profession.

Transparency – CoARC promotes openness to innovation, communication, continuous quality improvement, and best practices both for its own activities and those of its accredited programs.

Excellence – CoARC promotes the highest quality to ensure the provision of safe and effective respiratory care and provision of safe and effective respiratory care services.

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