Accreditation Fees

At our December, 2019 Board meeting, the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) approved an increase in its fees for certain accreditation services. The annual fee change will take effect as of January 1, 2021 and will be reflected in our invoices scheduled for distribution in October 2020.

We are very cognizant of the difficult financial state of many of our programs and have conscientiously tried to keep our fee increases as low as is possible, yet retain the fiscal health of the CoARC. The CoARC Board approves an annual budget within the framework of maintaining sufficient financial, personnel, and other resources to carry out its operations effectively and efficiently. However, because of projected increases in travel and personnel costs, building repair and maintenance costs, and planned improvements to our annual Report of Current Status reporting software, we are compelled to increase the Annual Fee for Accreditation Services effective January 1, 2019 (see fee schedule below). This is the only fee that was increased. Our fees still remain lower than many other accreditation agencies and we will continue to endeavor to keep them as low as possible in the future.

The CoARC relies solely on its accreditation fees to carry out its mission. The CoARC’s decision to increase fees will allow us to continue to:

  • Improve the efficiency of our information technology processes and web-based applications, including internal databases and network, the new annual reporting tool, and a revised website- all designed to provide additional resources to programs, students, and the public;
  • Improve our web site, forms, and other accreditation documents in an ongoing effort to minimize potential reporting burdens to programs seeking and maintaining accreditation;
  • Improve accountability to the public regarding accreditation information, aggregate statistical information on outcomes, graduation and enrollment data general information on programs, CoARC actions, and public notices;
  • Continue our efforts to provide accurate, clear, and timely information to the higher education community, to the professions, and to the public concerning standards and procedures for accreditation, and the status of accredited programs;
  • Provide an effective orientation, training, and professional development program for key program personnel, including more frequent webinars at no additional cost to attendees. The increase in the use of webinars will offset program travel costs and allow greater flexibility to attend these professional development activities.

The CoARC Board and Executive Office will continue to provide quality accreditation services to your institution and appreciate your support as we strive to meet the needs of the respiratory care profession.

Fee Schedule

Fee Type

(As of Jan 1, 2019)

Respiratory Care Base Program (Entry, Degree Completion, or APRT)

Letter of Intent Application (LOI-Base)


Provisional Self-Study Report (PSSR-Base)


Continuing Self-Study Report (CSSR-Base)


Annual (base program)


Add-on Degree Track Program Option (Entry, Degree Completion, or APRT added to base program)

Letter of Intent Application (LOI-ADT) (each add-on)


Provisional Self-Study Report (PSSR-ADT) (each add-on)


Continuing Self-Study Report (CSSR-ADT) (each add-on)


Annual (each add-on)


Comprehensive Site visits (Comprehensive, Streamlined, Focused, and Combined - includes additional visitors and/or day(s))


Site Visit Rescheduling Fee (plus applicable
prepaid expenses)


Domestic Satellite Program Option

Letter of Intent Application (LOI-Satellite)


Provisional Self-Study Report (PSSR- Satellite)


Continuing Self-Study Report (CSSR-Satellite)

$750 for Initial Affirmation
Reaffirmation fee included as part of CSSR-Base Reaffirmation Fee

Annual (for each satellite with 30 or fewer
students maximum aggregate enrollment)


Annual (for each satellite with greater than 30
students maximum aggregate enrollment)


Sleep Disorders Specialist (SDS) Program Option

Letter of Intent Application (LOI-SDS)


Provisional Self-Study Report (PSSR-SDS)


Continuing Self-Study Report (CSSR-SDS)




For questions regarding fees, contact Shane Keene, Chief Operating Officer at or
call (817) 283-2835 ext 107


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