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This web page includes additional information and resources that may be helpful to programs seeking or maintaining accreditation. Additional resources will be added periodically and you can also go to the Webinar tab under “For Programs” to see additional resources.

Sample Organizational Chart – Single Institution

Sample Organizational Chart – Consortium

Sample Consortium Agreement and Guidelines

Sample Advisory Committee Duties

Sample Advisory Committee Chair Duties

NBRC Therapist Multiple Choice Detailed Content Comparison Matrix (Effective 2015)

NBRC CRT/Written RRT Combined Detailed Content Comparison Matrix (Prior to 2015)

NBRC Sleep Disorders Exam Content Matrix Comparison

2011 CoARC Curriculum Information Survey The results provided in this survey do not imply the CoARC’s recommendation or endorsement of such information. Programs are encouraged to use the survey results to guide discussions and policy decisions related to curriculum development and improvement in the context of local, state, regional, and national needs.


2013 Summer Forum Presentations

2014 Summer Forum Presentations

2011 CoARC Symposium: What Every RC Educator Should Know About

Reviewing and Analyzing Your New Annual Report

Stephen Mikles EdS, RRT, FAARC

Attendees will be provided with an update on CoARC’s new Web‐based annual reporting tool, E-Accreditation. The presenter will focus on the processes and strategies for successfully reviewing and analyzing the annual report data.

Developing and Evaluating Inter‐Rater Reliability Measures

Pat Munzer, DHSc, RRT, FAARC

This presentation will give an overview of how one program developed an Inter‐rater Reliability Program for use by their clinical instructors. Take home ideas will be given so participants can develop their own program. Participants will be able to:

1. obtain ideas on how to develop an inter-rater reliability program

2. discuss how to use the program to evaluate the instructors

3. discuss what to do with the data

2012 CoARC Educators Worshop: Taking a Program From Good to Great!

Engaging Graduates and Employers in Program Evaluation

Stephen P. Mikles, EdS, RRT, FAARC

This presentation will describe several methods for increasing the quantity and quality of information gathered from Graduate & Employer Surveys and how to include the results in the Annual Report of Current Status.

Re-Engaging your Medical Director – From Improving Participation to Understanding His/Her Role in the Accreditation Process

David L. Bowton, MD, FCCP, FCCM

The presenter will (1) Describe the roles and responsibilities of the Medical Director as they relate to the CoARC Standards (2) Discuss potential solutions to the challenges faced by programs in improving physician interaction and Medical Director involvement.

Models of a Successful Inter-Rater Reliability Program

Kathy J. Rye, EdD, RRT, FAARC

This presentation will review several models of inter-rater reliability programs and discuss how key components of each program contributed to their success.

Participants will be able to:

1. Identify common elements of successful inter-rater reliability programs.

2. Identify and minimize obstacles to implementation of a success inter-rater reliability program

3. Evaluate their current inter-rater reliability program and suggest methods for improvement.


COARC Workshop: Program Strategies for Transforming Your Students
into Competent Therapists

How to Evaluate Students in the Classroom – An Accreditor’s Perspective

Pat Munzer, DHSc, RRT, FAARC — Click here to view presentation.

This presentation will describe methods for evaluating student performance in the classroom, the role of formative and summative evaluations, and maintaining records of student evaluation to comply with CoARC Standards.

Resources to Assist Students in Preparing for Credentialing Success

Bradley A. Leidich, MSEd, RRT, FAARC — Click here to view presentation.

The presentation will identify and compare resources available during and after program completion for improving success on credentialing examinations, including strategies for implementing these resources into the program curriculum.

Methods of Incorporating Critical Thinking into Your Curriculum

David Shelledy, PhD, RRT, FAARC — Click here to view presentation.

This presentation will define critical thinking, identify & describe learning activities which foster development of student critical thinking skills, and describe methods of evaluating critical thinking proficiency in students.

Competency-Based Standards for Respiratory Care Education

Thomas R. Smalling, Ph.D., RRT, RPFT, RPSGT, FAARC — Click here to view presentation.

The presenter will (1) describe the concept of competency-based standards, (2) describe the process for identifying professional competencies, (3) compare a curriculum based on competencies with a curriculum based on tasks, and (4) explain how competencies may be incorporated into accreditation standards in the future.

If you are interested in providing additional resources for use by other programs, please contact Tom Smalling, Chief Executive Officer at

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