CoARC 2017 Summer Forum Symposium

Bridging The Gap: An Accreditor’s Perspective
Allen Gustin Jr., MD, FCCP – Click Here to view presentation

  • Rising tuition and finite public budgets have ignited debates about innovation in higher education.
  • Focus has dramatically increased on competency based models for student learning in many fields of study.
  • How can training programs best prepare trainees for entry into their profession?
    •  One method:  Competency based assessment/ evaluation.
  • Accreditation organizations for healthcare associated professions have been tasked by policy makers and the public to improve the quality of patient care, to achieve the highest standards of patient safety, and to adapt to the ever-changing health care environment.
    •  Competency assessment/evaluation has been adopted.
    • The milestone has become the cornerstone of the competency assessment/evaluation process.

Bridging The Gap: A Manager’s Perspective
Kenneth Winn, MHA, RRT – Click Here to view presentation

The Nuts and Bolts:

  • Gratitude
  • Capacity to Let Go
  • Refuse to be defined by limitations
  • Passion to improve
  • Take Responsibility
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