CoARC 2016 Summer Forum Symposium

Use of Curriculum Mapping in Program Assessment and Evaluation

Pat Munzer DHSc RRT FAARC – Click Here to view presentation
A successful tool that programs may use to evaluate the integration of the competencies and the curriculum as a whole is a curriculum map. Curriculum mapping is generally used to evaluate an existing curriculum or to create a new curriculum. Curriculum maps also provide programs with a tool to facilitate continuous curricular evaluation and identify potential areas for improvement.

Developing and Applying Rubrics to Improve Student Performance

Christine Hamilton DHSc RRT FAARC – Click Here to view presentation
Rubrics give a roadmap to students on how to meet the instructor’s (and programmatic) expectations. By developing rubrics, standards of performance are delineated giving students a clear picture of how to succeed. This presentation will describe the steps in developing a detailed rubric and will invite participants to develop a sample rubric.

Evaluating Student Competencies – Lessons Learned from the Medical Profession

Allen Gustin Jr., MD, FCCP – Click Here to view presentation
Calls by the public and policymakers for increased transparency and accountability as well as heightened consumerism have all influenced the shift to a competency-centered, outcomes-based approach to accreditation and the emphasis for accreditors to focus their standards on assessing the degree to which the professions are creating a skilled, competent, and globally competitive workforce. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) began its general competency and outcome initiative in 1998. This initiative, called the Outcome Project, requires that U.S. graduate medical education programs foster resident physicians’ development of competencies in six domains and collect performance data that reliably and accurately depicts residents’ ability to care for patients and to work effectively in health care delivery systems. This presentation will describe the successes and challenges that medical education faced in implementing this reform and the lessons that can be learned by the respiratory care profession.

Developing a Plan of Action Based on Therapist Multiple Choice (TMC) Exam Results

Shane Keene DHSC RRT-NPS CPFT RPSGT FAARC – Click Here to view presentation
This presentation is designed to help faculty understand the NBRC school summary outcomes data and facilitate a working action plan to improve areas where deficiencies may exist.

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