CoARC 2014 Summer Forum Symposium

Update on the 2015 CoARC Standards for Entry into Respiratory Care Professional Practice

Allen N. Gustin Jr., MD, FCCP – Click here to view presentation.

Attendees will be provided with an update of the proposed new accreditation standards for entry into practice and its implications for programs and the profession. Strategies for implementing programmatic changes to address compliance with the new standards will also be discussed. 

Update on Post-Professional Education (Degree Completion and Advanced Practice Respiratory Therapist (APRT)

Kathy Rye, EdD, RRT, FAARC – Click here to view presentation.

The presenter will (1) describe CoARC activities regarding development of standards for Degree Advancement Programs and Advanced Practice for Respiratory Therapists, (2) describe advantages for seeking voluntary accreditation for Degree Advancement Programs, and (3) discuss the implications of advanced practice on national credentialing and state licensure.


Evaluating Student Competencies

Allen N. Gustin, Jr, MD, FCCP – Click Here to view presentation.

The presenter will (1) describe methodology for identifying essential student competencies, (2) describe methods for evaluating student achievement of these competencies, and (3) identify the key components for training clinical preceptors to evaluate student achievement of these competencies.

Common Triggers for Progress Reports and Possible Solutions

Bob DeLorme, EdS, RRT-NPS – Click here to view presentation.

The presenter will (1) list deficiencies in program outcomes that commonly require a progress report, (2) describe CoARC standardized progress reports, and (3) describe successful strategies for submitting an acceptable progress report.

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