Call for Comments

As part of ongoing effort to make the accreditation process responsive to a broad range of constituents, the CoARC provides an opportunity for third party comments on programs being considered for an Approval of Intent, Provisional or Continuing Accreditation.  Click below to view a list of programs for the year of 2017. 


2018 Third Party Comments List


The CoARC welcomes comments from interested individuals from the education community, students, graduates, state agencies and organizations, and the public. 


Comments can be submitted via mail to the CoARC Executive Office or by electronic mail.


CoARC Policy 1.12  Third-Party Comments


CoARC invites third-party comment on those institutions undergoing an evaluation for Approval of Intent, Provisional, Initial, or Continuing accreditation. The purpose of CoARC’s review is limited to assessing the institution’s ability to meet CoARC’s Accreditation Policies and Accreditation Standards. Comments must be written and signed (i.e., not anonymous) and must include contact information.  Submission of a comment grants permission for the comment to be shared with the program.  Comments should specifically address one or more of CoARC’s accreditation Policies or accreditation Standards.


Although CoARC actively invites comments during the self-study processes for Initial or Continuing accreditation, comments submitted at other times will be considered during the next scheduled accreditation review.  CoARC publishes the names of programs seeking an Approval of Intent, Provisional or Continuing accreditation through appropriate CoARC mechanisms; programs are encouraged to publicize self-study activities and invite third party comment to assist them in the self-study process.


1.121 Notification and Invitation by the Commission


CoARC publishes on its website a list of programs seeking an Approval of Intent, Provisional, Initial, or Continuing accreditation scheduled for on-site evaluation in the next 12 months.  CoARC may also invite comments through other means, such as letters or announcements to specific groups, including federal or state agencies and regional or national accrediting organizations.


CoARC’s notice will include at least the name of the sponsoring institution and program, the academic year in which the on-site evaluation is scheduled, the address of CoARC to which comments and information can be sent. Comments must be submitted no later than six weeks prior to the visit.  Contact the CoARC office for exact visit dates.  Comments received after this deadline will not be reviewed.


1.122 Review and Response


The CoARC Executive Office will review all third party comments received prior to the deadline and forward to the program those comments that pertain to the accreditation Standards or Policies.  Comments that may be defamatory, in restraint of trade, or addressed to matters not pertaining to the accreditation or application status of the program will not be shared with the program or CoARC Referee.


Because third-party comments provide CoARC with information or evidence regarding a program’s ability to meet accreditation Standards, the sponsor is afforded the opportunity to respond to the comments and/or provide evidence to demonstrate whether the program can or does meet the accreditation Policies and Standards. Submission of a comment grants permission for the comment to be shared with the program.  The program must respond to the comments prior to the site visit.


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